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Copernique Marshall  


How this whole thing got started

In a bar, of course. About 8-9 years ago. We had just had a reunion at Le Castor's headquarters when Simon (who else) suggested we had a drink somewhere. As it was near five and had nothing to do until seven when we had a dreadful formal dinner to attend to, off we went to Le Dragon basané : Fawzi, Hermy, paul, my father, Simon (of course), myself and what's-his-name-who-used-to-do-the-typesetting, Jack or Bill - one of those names one never remembers - pity, yes, but he never stayed long with us anyway.

T'was a double vodka with lime for Simon (what else ?), the same for paul, a glass of white wine for Fawzi, a beer for Jack or Robert, a scotch-and-water for me and, of course Perrier's for Hermy and my dad. - Those are the things one remembers.

Anyway, someone - must have been paul, always the first to complain about anything - asked the owner to lower the music which was blasting from every speakes in the house which, as we were the only clients in the joint, he promptly did. I said "Thanks" to which Hermy asked me what kind of music I liked. Not paul, me.

Now, I've been, in my life, sucked into voluntaring for all sorts of things but this one I never saw coming. "I don't know, I said, all kinds, I guess : classical when it's quiet, Jazz, even pop music..." - "Well why don't you write about it ?", he asked. "In English, my father added. It would add a touch of I-don't-know-what, internationalism, in Le Castor..."

The trap opened up.  "Yeah, said Fawzi. You're a well-traveled person ("Une personne cultivé"she actually said). You could start with music but go on with books you like, films... I don't know : what about the concerts, shows, you went to, the plays you've seen....

The nail in the coffin came with Simon : "How about 'My ten-best lists'. That wouldn't be too difficult, would it ?"

To this day, I swear - pardon my French -, that if I didn't know these people who were and still are my friends, I'd say that they had all had pre-agreed on cornering me in writing those dreafull columns which I did - ages ago - and which I've now been asked by you-know-who to translate into French for the new and improved edition of the UdeNap site on which she's been asked to organize.

So there I am, today, reading old stuff and trying to comply with her request which imposes on my already busy days a bit - sorry : alot - of added work. Oh, the translation is easy. Fawzi could do it in a jiffy. - Make that a jiffy and a half. - It's the bloody contents I have to deal with :

Look at it this way : if you asked me today, Monday, what is my favourite Classical composer I would say so-or-so, but then, on Thursday next, if you ask me the same question again, I'll probably mention another name. Now think about this : after nine years you want me to agree with someone I don't remember having been me ? Well that's what has been asked, a couple of months ago.

I made a deal :

Publish my old columns intact. Once that's done, I'll write new one's in French.

Will therefore follow Mes dix coups de coeur. With a new Introduction. Eventuallyé


Copernique Marshall

May, 2022

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