Copernique Marshall's Essays


Preface or Foreword

Simon Popp is right (Préface to his essays or columns) : what is written on a daily (weekly of monthly) basis should be read on a daily (weekly or monthly) basis. It's like food : meant to be consumed and forgotten about. I know : I just went through the scribblings I wrote since I joined Le Castor™ some two years ago (January, 2012).

What can I tell you ? Besides a couple of longer essays I wrote on Jazz and Classical Music (which I would rewrite if they had to be published in print), I wouldn't recommend anyone to read everything I wrote beginning with essay number 1 all the way to the last one.

Well who knows ? Might cure insomnia.

Anyway, here they are, thanks to the unremitting and tireless Ms Monique Lessard who was kind enough to help me sort everything out and even correct mistakes here and there. (Don't worry : they're still some.)


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